Tips for a simple - AND amazing - kids birthday party

When it comes to party planning, I like to keep it simple. Easy menu's, simple decorations, an activity or two and lots of good people. Kids don't remember the balloon installation, or the table theme. They remember having a hooting good time with their friends - so that's why I aim to deliver!

I know the trend this day is 'grammable parties. But I'm here to let you know - you're not an influencer, you don't need to live up to that pressure! You're a busy parent, you've got a million things on your mind and you really deserve a break - not more work. So take it from me. Keep it simple and you will be so much happier for it.

Okay, I break it down below, how to throw the world's easiest kids party

1) Menu

healthy banana bread delicious easy kids birthday party ideas

My NUMBER ONE RULE - which I go on about a lot, (sorry) is to rope in friends and family. You do not have to do it all so stop. Your Aunty would love to bring some muffins and your best mate is happy to make a dips plate. Take them up on this!

If you want to do something nice - do it! But focus on two or three things and leave the fillers for others. It will save your sanity. You have my permission to say yes to help.

Okay, what you are going to do now is simple. One week before, make a yummy slice or bliss balls that freeze well. I LOVE this slice from My Lovely Little Lunchbox. It tastes decadent but it is packed with healthy ingredients. 

Then, three days before you're going to bake this banana bread, that

The night before, whip out some scrolls. I love to make adult ones with porcini mushroom and parmesan, or halloumi and mint. The kids are happy with pizza or ham and cheese so don't over think this. 

Then on the day, you just need to pull everything out. Present on your nicest servingware to spruce it up a bit if you like. Or don't. You don't have to. You've organised a fun day with your nearest and dearest for your little one - you are an EXCELLENT parent already. 

2) Decorations

kids party decorations affordable stylish cute boys girls

Keep it simple - PLEASE! I once spent hours one night fluffing out a pre-bought tissue paper installation, only for it to tangle into an unsalvageable knot in about 15minutes on the day of the party. NOT time well spent. Some cute cups or serviettes, maybe some balloons - and that's a BIG maybe. I love Poppies for Grace for its affordable DIY range, like these awesome metallic curtains for only $14 or streamer sets for only $29.95. For around $50 you can get some decorations, plates and napkins to suit any theme AND you're supporting another small business - win!

You don't need to go overboard, a few cute touches will give your party a cute feel without being extravagant.

3) Activities

 kids activities party games bubbles entertain children birthday

Just remember one simple tip - they're kids! Get enough of them together and they'll entertain themselves easily. But I know you want to organise a few games for those times things are unruly so your best bet is to keep it simple. Statues is an incredible game to play with kids, as is What's the time Mr Wolf. They're simple, require no setup and the kids just love them. Even the littlies can get involved. A ball pit is another way to keep really little ones entertained. 

If you want a quieter activity, then hat decorating is a lot of fun. You can get some gorgeous party hats from The Party Cupboard then buy some glue, feathers, pom poms and other crafty bits and pop it on a table. It's so simple and kids will love expressing their own personality.

I know there's a strong desire to coordinate elaborate games or entertainers - trust me I almost get sucked in every time! But there's always a crazy Uncle or friend who's happy to be King or Queen of the kids for 30 minutes. Hit them up with a game suggestion and then sit back and watch the laughter happen.


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