Self-Love Rituals for Every Day

If there's one thing our Carte Home family knows, it's the juggle. We're so busy loving and supporting everyone in our life that we put ourselves last over and over again. We all know you're meant to put the oxygen mask on yourself first, but if you're anything like me it's just too hard. You promise yourself every night that tomorrow, or next week, or next year will be the time when you FINALLY start putting yourself first. But that timeline comes and goes and Mama, you're still not checking in with what you need and want.

Self-Love is so important because, one way or another, giving from an empty cup will end badly every time. You'll fall apart, either mentally or physically, and putting yourself back together again will take a lot of time. And it was a lack of time that got you in this situation to start with!

It's time to break the cycle. We're here to help with small and easy self-love rituals to build into your every day. Once you start to build a few of these into your everyday routine, you might start to find the time for more activities that make you feel whole.


Skin Care

Self love ritual for your skin

I know I'm looking after my self when I'm looking after my skin. Taking the time to show our skin love is the very definition of self-love.  I love using natural and organic products that give my skin all the nutrients I've been missing. And when I haven't been giving myself love, I feel that I look tired and older.

It doesn't take long to apply a nutrient-dense serum. And while a weekly or fortnightly face mask does take a little while longer, the effect it has on your skin and your mood will be even more. 

So tonight, make your shower a self-love ritual. Exfoliate, massage, care and sooth that beautiful skin and wake up tomorrow happier that you took the time to care for yourself. 


Self love meditation to relieve stress

So many of us plan to meditate and then never do. We're so busy every day, finding a few minutes to breathe and collect our thoughts just seems too luxurious.

But how much time do we spend procrastinating? How much time are we wasting worrying or stressing about something out of our control? If we instead spent this time meditation and checking in with our head and heart, we become more productive and focused on what we need to do. 



Self love ritual beach walk exercise

Do you know where your body most loves to move? Is it yoga? Walking outside? Running on the beach? So often we think we don't have time for a 'proper' work out so we don't do anything. But spending just 10 minutes gently moving your body outside or somewhere that brings you peace has immeasurable benefits. 

Can you find 10 minutes?

Eating Well

Eating well for self love

Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves is to eat something nutritious and super tasty. Sitting down to eat a healthy salad or smoothie with no distractions can be a simple way to unwind and relax. It also does wonders for your digestion.

Choose one meal or snack a day that's just for you. Sit down somewhere relaxing to enjoy your healthy treat and savour every bite or sip. It doesn't have to be for long, but taking the time to enjoy your food can improve your relationship with your body.



What's that meme about delusional Mum's going away on holidays with a new book? Why? Why can't a mum with a toddler also find time to lose herself in a few chapters of a romance novel? Personally, I am obsessed with reading. I take the time to read every night. Unfortunately, it's at the cost of sleep but having a book to read is my ultimate indulgence. Reading that book in the bath with a glass of wine - well you know I'm in heaven now!

I recently also started on a gorgeous, designer puzzle. It's like wall art and a relaxation task in one. It hasn't moved much, but it's so much more interesting than just throwing myself on the couch at night to watch some crappy reality television. 

How do you unwind at the end of the day? A little self-indulgence away from screens can do wonders for your spirit. 


Digital Detox 

Digital detox to help create self love

That's it - throw it away. In the bin, in the toilet, under the wheels of your car.

Does your phone give you constant anxiety? We're so reliant on these little information keepers. I don't like the pull my phone has on me, but I don't know how to live without it either. So how can we create better habits with our phones? 

A mini digital detox is an amazing way to break those ugly phone habits. Find time to turn that phone off. Doesn't matter for how long, just commit to a regular detox and stick to it. Then, while it's off, why not do complete one of the above amazing self-love rituals.

There now - aren't you feeling better already? 


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